Lindsay Lohan 3

Brittany was the love interest, later wife of Chucky, the mother of Layla and Alvin and the daughter of Aaron and Jennifer. She had a sister who's so annoyed, Tiffany and she's played by Lindsay Lohan.

Her personal

She's nice, had a nice/bad attiude like her husband, beautiful, smart, brave and bossy.

Her life

She was born in New Jersey with her family. She was the youngest child, because her sister, Tiffany was the oldest child.

She and Tiff had a huge crush on Chucky which Tiffany finally won Chucky's heart. Remember on Bride of Chucky?

At Seed of Chucky, Tiff and Chucky got divorced. In the future, she's the one who won Chucky's heart.

Her future

She's married to Chucky and had 2 kids: Layla and Alvin. They lived at New Jersey and moved to Springwood.