In any story, there comes a time when the hero or heroine faces an enemy, whether it's standing up for those he or she loves or saving a nation. There are many ways the protagonist can face the antagonist:

  • Blocking the enemy's blow.
  • Glaring at the enemy.
  • Standing between the enemy and someone to save.
  • Blocking the enemy's escape.
  • Prepping a karate pose.
  • Drawing a weapon whether it be swords, guns, bombs, or even foods of any sort.
  • Spreading insults to the enemy.
  • Usually this happens when the hero stands up against the villain, a monster, or an invading army.
  • Sometimes the hero can face who he or she at first thinks is an enemy, but he or she realizes that he or she's not. For example, John Smith prepares to shoot Pocahontas but when he realizes that she's kind, he puts down his gun.