Freddy and his gang

George and his gang vs Freddy and his gang

Remember The Future of Freddy vs Jason? It'll take you back before the beginning and the future. One day, it will come in the future. Trust me.


It all started about George Wiegert's life where he used to be friend with Freddy Krueger until Freddy met Stephaine Cyrus. As years passed, George married to Lorraine Frost/Wiegert and his beautiful wife's gonna have a baby until his wife died with Freddy by fire.

Ever since, he want his revenge and met some friends: Mason Baker, James Swan, Simon Mcfly, John Deep and Aaron. In 2012, George and his gang came to Springwood to kill the Krueger family.

In the Krueger's house, the girls are having fun until their brothers came and do some stuff like watch movies. In Jason's room, Kimberly Raiser, Samantha Hewitt, Austin Hewitt, Layla and Alvin are playing video games until they got hurt by Geogre and pass out with blood! Then, Lilly Voorhees came and saw her friends got hurt!

Meanwhile, the guys need to find out who did this and why. At the police's station, Miley and Jason fall asleep until they saw a little girl who got hurt by Geogre in the past and the little girl told them that George's coming back for his revenge.

Meanwhile, at Camp Crystal Lake, Lilly had a nightmare about swimming. Then, Mason got her and took her to the secret hideout. Then, Geogre told Lilly about the Krueger family and why he hate them. Few mins later, he let her go and Lilly left. Then, Geogre had a plan to kill Freddy once and for all.

The next morning, Miley and Jason left for school and met their friends: Eddie Voorhees, Lilly Voorhees, Michelle Myres, Tyler Myres and Aaron Raiser. At the school, Miley and Jason tell their friends about their dreams until a girl name Nancy Thompson came and told them to meet her at the libray. At the library, Nancy told them about Geogre's life and why he hate the Krueger family. George won't stop until he kill them. So, Nancy give the guys with a special powers.

Meanwhile, it was night and everybody was at the party. Then, Lilly left and met Mason again who need Miley and Jason. Lilly don't want him to hurt them, so she ran and hide in the celling. While she's hiding, she text miley that she's in trouble. Then, the guys ran to save Lilly. In the water place, Mason was about to kill Lilly until Eddie yelled" Hey! Let my sister go, you asshole!"

Then, Mason and Eddie fight until Miley used the pipe thing and hit Mason with it. Then, Mason use his powers to kill Miley and Eddie until Jason save them. Then, Mason left. When he left, the guys give Eddie the potion which it work. Then, the guys need to go to the Krueger's house to see if Miley and Jason's mom is okay.

In the Krueger's house, Stephaine and her friends are talking until they heard voices and went to the bathroom. Then, they met George and his gang. Then, George make Stephaine to sent her husband a message or she and her friends will get hurt. Then, Stephaine said no and the villains hurt the ladies. Then, the villains left before Miley, Jason and their friends came. Then, the guys realize that they were too late to save their mom.

At Nancy's house, the guys want to know why George doing this until a police name Officer Herny came and told them about George's life. In Miley's dream, she was asleep and met George. When she woke up, she got George's hat and know how to stop George: to get him out in the dream just like her dad. Then, Nancy know how to stay awake and they need to go to Westin Hills to get Hypnocil. Then, the guys left expect Nancy.

In Westin Hills, the guys came to find the Hypnocil. That's not all: Mason follow them too! In the power room, Aaron stay while Lilly and Officer Herny left. While the guys are looking, Mason finally got in! In the sleeping room, Miley, Jason and their friends saw the teenagers are dreaming.

In the power room, Aaron got trick by George when he got hurt. Then, George turn into a boy and pour the Hypnocil in the sink. Then, Lilly and Officer Herny came and saw Aaron got hurt. Then, Mason came and tried to kill them until he got electrocutes. Then, Officer Herny told Lilly to run until he got electrocuted too and died. Then, Lilly left with a gun.

During the screaming, Freddy and his gang came and heard Lilly screamed. Meanwhile, in the sleeping room, Miley, Jason and their friends came back, saw Aaron got hurt and the Hypnocil was all gone. While they're looking for it, Mason saw them and throw dead Officer Henry at the door. Then, the guys screaming and ran. In the hallway, George, as the boy, was waiting for something.

Then, Geogre told Miley and Jason to put the traz. on them. Then, Miley and Jason did and pass out. Instead Mason, Freddy and his gang came. Then, Michelle realize that George's giving their dad a shot like he did to Miley and Jason. Then, George give the boys a shot until Jason cut the boy's hip! Then, the boys passed out. Then, Lilly came. Then, the guys need to save Miley, Jason and their dad in the dream.

In the dream, Miley and Jason realize that George trick them and tried to find a way out until George got them. Meanwhile, Freddy and his gang wonder what happened until they met George and his gang. Then, Simon used his mind to take Jason VoorheesMichael Myres, Pinhead, Thomas Hewitt/Leatherface, Chucky and his own friends somewhere while Freddy and George fight. Then, the fight continue. During the fight, George lied to freddy that he kill his kids before they fight and somehow Freddy believe him. Then, George finally know that freddy can't save them anymore.

Meanwhile, in the van, the guys are going to George's secret hideout and worried that Miley, Jason and their dad won't come back. So, Eddie decide that he gonna save Miley, Jason and their dad before it's too late. Then, he took the shot and fell asleep.

In Eddie's dream, he was at home where his dad drowned like 20 years ago. He tried to find a lifeguard to save his dad, but they're too busy. So, he decide to save his dad instead. When he save his dad, Mason came and got his dad! Mason tried to drowned Jason.

In the van, Lilly saw that her dad's drowned in his dream. Then, Tyler told his sister to get the potion that Nancy give them. Then, Michelle did and give Jason a drink. Then, her dad and the rest of the guys.

At first, nothing happened until Freddy and his gang woke up. Then, Lilly move back until she accidently bump Tyler. Then, Tyler lost control the van and their dad was gone. In the dream, Eddie tried to find Miley and Jason.

Then, he found them and tried to get out until George found them. Then, the guys started to run until they got hit by a pipe. Meanwhile, at George's secret hideout, Lilly tried to wake up her brother, Miley and Jason while Michelle and her brother saw that Mason, James, Simon, John and Aaron's coming.

In the dream, Jason and Eddie got hurt while George's hurting Miley. At George's secret hideout, Lilly gasps when she saw Miley got hurt. Then, Tyler saw it too, had enough and tried to wake them up until Mason, James, Simon, John and Aaron came. Before Mason attack them, somebody save by shield and it was Aaron who save them. While they fight the boys, Miley got hurt in the dreams and George give Miley a surpise which it hurt so bad.

At the secret hideout, the kids are hurt and can't stop them until Miley's left arm got burn with fire! In the dream, Miley saw her arm got burn, got a idea, tell the boys to grab George and she grab him too. Then, Miley, Jason and Eddie finally woke up. But, George isn't done with them. Before he kill them, Freddy and his gang came. Then, Geogre realize that they're still alive and let the kids go.

Then, the villians fight while the kids left. When the kids left, they were about to leave until Geogre got Miley and George turn into a snake! Then, the kids tried to fight until George got them with his tail and squezze them so tight. Then, he let them go and left to fight Freddy. In the buliding, the kids are safe. But, they have to save Miley. Then, Miley slip and screaming.

Then, Eddie had no choice but to save Miley. When he save her, Eddie told Miley that he love her before they met and ask her to married him. Then, Miley was surprise and said yes. Then, she remove Eddie's mask a little where his lips is and kiss Eddie on lips while falling.

Then, somehow, Miley's powers came and they disappered. Then, Miley and Eddie was safe. Then, the kids realize that they can beat George and his gang with their true powers. In the forest, George and his gang was about to kill Freddy and his gang until an arrow came and shot George and his gang right in the arm. Then, the boys turn around and saw the kids.

During the fight, a car came and it was Kim, Sam, Austin, Layla and Alvin. While they're fighting, Kim got the gasline and matches to make a fire. Then she pour where the dock is and put the fire where she pour it. Then, the kids started to run and went to the lake. Then, Boom!!

After the explosion, the kids got out and think they won until Alvin saw George came back. Before George tried to kill them, somebody save them and it was Freddy. Then, Freddy went back to the water while George drop his weapon.

While George's weak to fight back, Miley was mad, got Eddie's machete and said to George " This is for my parents, my friends, and Welcome to my world, bitch." Then, she cut George's legs, arms and head! Then, George's body was gone for good. Then, the kids finally won the battle and went home. The next morning, Freddy and his gang came back to life.