Gwen Stacy 2
Gwen Stacy is a fictional character who appears in the works published by Marvel Comics. Her character was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in 1965. Her character was portrayed by Bryce Dallas Howard in 2007's Spider-Man 3.

Spider-Man 3

Gwen Stacy lives in New York City and is the daughter of NYPD Captain George Stacy.

Gwen attends Colombia University and is a classmate and lab partner of Peter Parker. As Peter is at the top of Dr. Connors's quantum mechanics class, he tutors her. She considers Peter a genius and is very fond of him.

Peter (as Spider-Man) rescues Gwen early in the film from a construction crane accident. This was infront of her father NYPD Captain George Stacy who ensured Spider-Man was awarded the key to New York for his efforts.

At the parade to award the key to New York, Gwen kisses an upside-down Spider-Man which causes his girlfriend, Mary Jane Watson to become jealous and hurt.

She is also friends with Eddie Brock who took pictures of her so Gwen could be a model. His relationship is short-lived, as Peter, under the influence of the symbiote, steals her from Eddie.

He dances with her at the same jazz club where Mary Jane works, but Gwen realizes that Peter is doing this only to make Mary Jane jealous, so she apologizes to Mary Jane and storms out.

Peter makes amends with Gwen later and she was also present at Harry Osborn's funeral.

Spider-Man 4

Bryce Dallas Howard said she would love to be apart of any continuation of the film franchise, while acknowledging her charater's opportunity may have passed, especially after Spider-Man 3 ended with Peter and Mary-Jane once again in each other’s arms.

In May 2007, actor James Cromwell, who played Captain Stacy in the film stated he thought the natural progression for the character would be for both to die early in Spider-Man 4 mirroring the comics.

Howard said a death would not have bothered her. The film was ultimately unmande despite Stacy making the draft.