Rachel McAdams

Heather Swan, now Heather Myers, is the love interest, later wife of Michael Myers, the mother of Michelle and Tyler Myers and the daughter of James and Emily Swan.

She also had a little sister, Jenny Swan and she's played by Rachel McAdams.

Her personality

She's nice, beautiful, brave, lovely and smart women.

Her life

She was born in Haddonfield, Illinois with her family and her 5 years old sister. When she was in Haddonfield Middle school, she make some friends and got some good grades.

She love her life until her ex-boyfriend, Troy and his friends, King and Edward who's picking on her. She tried to walk away, but Troy keep hurting her like slap her on the face, took her money, rip her homework and call her bitch for dumping him.

Then, one day, somebody save her life. It was Michael Myers and she was happy that he help her to stop Troy. So, they become friends ever through Michael had a crush on her too.

When it was Halloween, she took her sister to trick or treat. While she's having fun, she saw a police car at Michael's house. She tried to see what's going on, but the police won't let her.

Few weeks later, she went to see Michael every week at the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. It was great until she and Michael's mom, Deborah Myres saw Michael kill a nurse.

At first, she don't know what to do until her parents decide to let her and Jenny to live with their grandmother at Chicago, Ilinois.

So, 15 years later, Heather grow up and her sister grow up too. Her sister, Jenny was married and moved to Hawaii. She's living with her grandma and want to go back to her hometown.

Her parents died long time ago when she left. When she was at her hometown, everything was fine until a killer, which it's Michael Myres, came back at Halloween.

At first, she was afraid when she saw him until Michael show her the picture that they know each other since middle school.

Then, she was happy to see Michael again until Dr. Loomis and the police came and tried to save her by Michael. Heather tried to stop them until they kill Michael. Then, she was sad and mad that they kill him.

Her future

She's married to Michael and had 2 kids: Michelle and Tyler Myres. They live at Illinois and Springwood.