George Clooney

James Miller is the husband of Emily Miller and the father of Selena and Yesenia.

He's played by George Clooney.

His life

He was born in New York City with his family in 1930. When he was 15, he moved to Springwood where he met Emily and they were married in 1945.

Then, they had 2 beautiful daughters: Yesenia and Selena Miller. They were married 40 years until Emily died by Freddy Krueger.

After his wife died, he had no choice, but sent Yesenia to New York City with his mom and Selena to Camp Crystal Lake for protection. When his daughters grow up, he don't want his daughters to know about Freddy and their mom's real death.

Once Yesenia and Selena know that their dad keep secret from them, they found out that Freddy's the one who kill their mom.

His future

When his daughters got married, he died before his grandkids was born. He died in 2012.