Jennifer Garner 2

Melissa Deep/Hewitt was the love interest, later wife of Thomas Hewitt aka Leatherface, the mother of Samantha and Austin Hewitt and the daughter of Jane and John Deep.

She's played by Jennifer Garner

Her personality

She's nice, smart, beautiful and brave woman.

Her life

She was born in Texas with her parents. When she was 5 years old, she help Thomas's adopt mom, Luna May Hewitt to find food until she heard a baby cry which it was Thomas.

Ever since, she and Thomas became friends until her parents sent her away to live with her grandma at Oklahoma.

As years passed, she move on until she decide to see her hometown. Her mom died and her dad was missing ever since his wife died.

When she came back, she realize that everybody was gone. Then, she met a old woman, who's Luna, was surpuise to see her again.

Then, she invited her to eat dinner with them. Melissa was nervous to see them again ever since she left.

Her future

She's married to Thomas and had 2 kids: Samantha and Austin Hewitt. They lived at Texas and moved to Springwood.