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Selena Miller/Voorhees is the love interest, later wife of Jason Voorhees, the mother of Eddie and Lilly Voorhees and the daughter of James Miller and Emily Miller. She also had a sister, Yesenia Miller/Stewart.

She's played by Anne Hathaway who's voiced by Jewel in Rio Movies.

Her personality

She's very nice, beautiful, sweet and kind girl. She's the only woman who know that Jason isn't evil, but misunderstood guy since she know him from childhood.

Her life

She was born in Springwood, Ohio with her family and love her life until her mom got killed by Freddy Krueger.

So, her dad sent her to Camp Crystal Lake where she can be safe. When she was little, she kind of like it until she met Jason.

They became friends and have fun together until Jason got bullied by kids and was about to drowned.

Then, Selena went in to save him. After 15 years, she moved on and didn't forget about Jason until she first met Freddy in her dream.

She and her sister almost got killed until Jason save them for some reason.

Her future

She's married to Jason Voorhees and had 2 kids: Eddie and Lilly Voorhees. They lived at Camp Crystal Lake.

Her skills

Marriage with Jason Voorhees

When she met him, she know that he's sweet and nice boy that she met ever though Jason was a freak. After 15 years, she move on and never forget her past until she and her sister met Freddy.

She and her sister almost died until Jason, who's adult, save them. So, I guess in the future, they love each other.

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